Eight-week Spring Class at Penland - March 9 - May 2, 2014

Hello, friends.  I am pleased to share with you that I will be teaching an eight-week Spring Concentration class at Penland School of Crafts starting next March.  There are still spaces available, so if you or someone you know are ready for some immersive focus on weaving as mapmaking, check out the description and link below.  Whatever your skill level, this class has lots to offer for considering new ways of imbedding information into woven cloth.  Please feel free to contact me if you are interested and have specific questions.


Robin Johnston - Personal Cartography

March 9 - May 2, 2014

This workshop will use weaving to delve into students’ individual interpretations of mapmaking. We’ll explore basic weaving and dyeing techniques that lend themselves to charting, plotting, and coding information—including pattern weaves, inlay, tapestry, painted warps, and ikat dyeing. Through daily sketchbook exercises we’ll envision woven surfaces that emphasize color, pattern, image, and texture to create maps of all kinds. Whether we are describing geographic or conceptual spaces, we’ll apply personal cartography to the art of weaving.



Weaving as Journaling Workshop August 26 - September 1

I still have some spaces open in my one-week workshop at Penland coming up next month.  If you're interested in exploring journaling through the lense of a loom, check out the description and links below.  Nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina, Penland is an amazing place to take a class.

Robin Johnston - Weaving as Journaling

This class will use the inherently time-based process of weaving to create journals that document daily experience. Approaching the journal as an open-ended starting point, we will consider how basic weaving and dyeing techniques can be used to articulate and reflect events in everyday life. We will explore traditional and experimental materials and techniques including tapestry, supplementary wefts, warp painting with pigment dyes, and image transfer.